HEDUKS (Healthcare and Education for Disabled and Underprivileged Kids) supports the young underprivileged who have needs for basic facilities. 

The Association organises fundraising events and works closely with other partners, while relying on countless volunteers who give up their time to help coordinate the provision of both financial & material support for these young people & their local communities in & around villages in Cameroon. Their needs are as basic as just having clean running water, electricity, healthcare & education.


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In the past we have provided medical equipment as well as helped to improve the infrastructure at the Kikaikelaki (K4) Health Centre in Cameroon. Since September 2012, over 25 orphans & underprivileged kids have been sponsored back to school at the start of each Academic year & in January 2013, HEDUKS provided school bags filled with a variety of necessities like towels & books as well as goodies for most underprivileged kids in the village.

From September 2015, pupils & students from the blind school most of whom are also very underprivileged and orphaned will receive brand new school uniforms from Heduks plus special equipment to help them read easily. Our current focus are in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon with future prospects of gradually expanding support to rest of the country.







We work in Partnership with ‘CAMYOSFOP’ (Cameroon Youth Forum for Peace), ‘BANIN

Projects in the UK & in Cameroon, ‘SAFRAHOST’ (St. Francis’ Home for Skills Training) who work with young juveniles in Kumbo & ‘CAMEROON FORUM’ in the UK whose ‘Sponsor a Cameroon Child’ initiative has similar objectives as those of Heduks. Many thanks also go to Barnfield West Academy in Luton (UK) who have supported Heduks’ intiatives and projects financially since 2010 & materially with the donation of books to help raise literacy in Kikaikelaki in 2013.

If like many of our supporters you would like to sign up to sponsor a child & even develop a link with them such as exchange of letters and receive our bi annually reports about them & other projects, the please contact us before leaving our site.