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After engaging in various fund raising activities aimed at providing productive support to the less privileged, proceeds from these was donated to a Kikaikelaki health centre located in the North West region of Cameroon.The handing over ceremony which took place on the 23rd December 2011, started at about 10 am in the morning at the partially completed and furnished health center located at the slope of the Kikaikelaki hills. It was attended amongst others by members of the committee in charge of the development of the centre; distinguished traditional leaders and indigenes of kikaikelaki.

After a word of prayer by one of the indigenes, the chairperson in his opening remarks explained why they had convened at the health centre and thanked the people for attending the event. Amongst other things, he gave a synopsis of the health centre from its conception, creation, success and contemporary challenges. He stressed that more than 95 % of service provision is voluntary while 5% is remunerated. Inspite of this, the centre still faces huge problems of remuneration which stands at £30 pounds per month for each staff. The most challenging problem he said, was that the existing infrastructure still had to be completed to include water system toilets, facilities for adequate disposal of antenatal waste, ceiling boards and proper distribution of portable water within the centre to name but a few.

Mrs B. Ayunifor was invited to say a word or two on behalf of the Bongy Heduks Project. During her intervention, she thanked the people for coming and for immensely showing their joy and appreciation for the donations by performing a variety of traditional dances transcending all generations. She unveiled the goods that were afforded by the financial support of Barnfield West Academy which included ceiling boards, wheel chair, bed sheets, paint, medical equipment etc. She clearly reminded the people that praises must go to people who supported the project especially BWA (Barnfield West Academy) and it’s staff and students in particular for demonstrating an understanding for the need to assist the needy. She said that some of the students had previously made contacts with some Cameroonian students and felt extremely motivated to support a health initiative there. In her closing remarks, she thanked the people again for coming out in their numbers and promised that the Heduks Project in partnership with Barnfield West Academy and the other partners will continue to explore ways and means of ensuring that assistance to the center remains sustainable.                                                               


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